On this page, you will find a timeline of recent productions Charlotte has performed in, whether that’s stage or screen. There is also Charlotte’s Acting CV, Show Reel and Audio Reel available for download.

Stage Work

Year Role/Type Production Director Company Venue
2017HerselfEdenAgnieszka Blonska AMATA
2016Man With The PartThe Card IndexAgnieszka Blonska AMATA
2016Queen HecubaThe Trojan WomenEvelyn O'MalleyAMATA
2015MacbethMacbethMisha MyersAMATA
2015Prisoner/GovernorClockwork OrangeJacqueline McGonagle-TurnerArtrix Theatre
2015Jack's MumInto The WoodsJeanette McNamaraArtrix Theatre
2014Dr DrossA Nutcracker's ChristmasJeanette McNamaraArtrix Theatre
2014DancerThe International Dance ShowChristopher WorrellArtrix Theatre
2014Albert Edwards II"The Good Old Days!"Jeanette McNamaraArtrix Theatre
2013Munchkin, Evil Flying Monkey & Emerald City Citizen The Wizard of OzChristopher WorrellArtrix Theatre
2013ElaineBreathing CorpsesSophie WatsonKingsley College
2012SpiderRock SchoolSophie WatsonKingsley College

Download Here

Filename Type Size
Audio Showreel MP4 4.6MB
Film Showreel MOV 255MB
Charlotte Turner CV PDF 759KB

Film Work

Year Role/Type Production Director Company
2017JuliaThe Boston KitchenSean Cronin
2017EleanorI AM MEDIASean Cronin
2016Kathryn MerteuilCruel IntentionsJohn CrooksDog Bite
Snippet from film.
2015AlexALICEGabrielle Wheatley
2015ShannonPaperwork LostRalph Whitehead
2015RachelSay NothingRalph Whitehead
Adapted from an original story by David Garland and James Wall. (Source was used with their permission)
2015Bella RutlandSwindlers PastAlex Sheppard
2013"Infected"ExodusJames HartVenomous Little Man
2013EXTRAAscensionJames HartVenomous Little Man
Short Film.