The full Biography of Charlotte Turner including schooling, family and skills she has picked up on the way!

Charlotte Michelle Turner was Born to parents Sara Michelle and Lee James in a town called Redditch in the suburbs of Worcestershire, England on July 10th, 1997; joining her Father’s other children, her half-siblings, Jan Martin Harris (8 years her senior) and Jamie-Louise Lynn (6 years her senior). Her parents divorced when Charlotte was 5 years old. She remained with her Mother and younger brother, Callum James (22 months her junior), in Redditch until she moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, for her university studies at Falmouth University in 2015.

At a young age, Charlotte participated in many performances, whether they were on a handheld camera of her own, creating documentaries in her bedroom, to performing in her high school productions. It’s clear to see that she had the heart of a performer from such a young age.

Her first memory of performing was in her Nativity, as a Soldier, during her first year of School with Harry Taylor First School, now known today as Crabbs Cross Academy, Redditch. Although her Mother wanted her to be an angel in her nativity, she was more than happy to play the ‘Chief Soldier’. Throughout First School, Charlotte developed many hobbies such as Tennis and Football. Her passion for football won her an award as the best ‘tackler’ on the team in her final year with Harry Taylor. She likes to assume it was raw bravery that won her that award, rather than just getting her socks a little muddy. Another important development that influenced Charlotte’s life a lot during the year of 2004, was that her Mother got married to her new Step-Father, Rob, on July 2nd, 2004, and in 2005 a little boy arrived, Charlotte’s new little brother was born; Nathan Philip Stephen (7 years her junior).

At the age of 9, Charlotte moved to Middle School; Ridgeway Middle School, Astwood Bank, Redditch, where she spent four years of her school studies until she moved to High School.

In her four years with Ridgeway, Charlotte actively took part in many school ‘clubs’ such as Eco Club. A club designed specifically for making the school grounds, cleaner and greener. Her work for the Eco Club was recognised and she gained the Green Member award, the most prestigious award within the whole club. This was not the only reward Charlotte received whilst at Ridgeway. She also received an award in her final year, for being the student who excelled the most in all her subjects, whilst with the school for four years, and in comparison, to the rest of the students in her year.

Another ‘club’ Charlotte attended, external to the school, was St. John’s Ambulance Cadets. Here Charlotte learnt how to do First Aid; perform Heimlich Manoeuvre and how to put a person in the Recovery Position as well as many more life-saving exercises. Many valuable lessons from St. John’s Ambulance have stuck with Charlotte to this day, allowing her to help those in need of it.

During her early years at Ridgeway, Charlotte’s Mother gave birth to another little boy, Harry Thomas (10 years Charlotte’s junior) It would be correct in saying, Charlotte was in absolute awe of having another baby brother. As well as having new little brother, another exciting event happened whilst Charlotte was studying at Ridgeway, and that was her Father’s marriage to Charlotte’s new Step-Mother, Victoria Louise on June 21st 2008.

Whilst all these exciting occasions and celebrations were busying young Charlotte’s life, she still had time for performing and taking part in Educational plays for her school. The performance she remembers most had her and one of her favourite teachers, Mr Frost, performing a small play about bullying to the entire school; raising awareness about what bullying does to their peers.

In her final year at Ridgeway, Charlotte became ‘House Captain’ for her School House ‘Severn[Blue]’, she oversaw the creation of sports games for the four teams to compete in, as well as motivating the team, warming them up, and making strategies on how to win each game. It was a role which had Charlotte improvising, thinking outside of the box, and enabling her to be a real team player. Charlotte is happy to mention that her team won nearly every sports event that year, meaning they won the house shield at the very end of her time with Ridgeway; leaving Ridgeway, to go to High School on a very positive note!

In September 2010, Charlotte started at Kingsley College, High School of Performing Arts in Woodrow, Redditch. It was like a real High School Musical. Charlotte felt right at home. Here she finished school with 12 GCSE’s from A-C, including German and Drama. Her two most favoured subjects. This is where she also found a musical side to her. Charlotte learnt to play Guitar and took Music, so she could learn how to compose music, as well as furthering her ability to play Guitar. Due to unfortunate circumstances, and the loss of all her work over two years, Charlotte finished with an E in Music, however that didn’t knock her confidence and she still plays her Guitar in her free time. A little fact that Charlotte shares reluctantly, was that she was in a band called Beyond One, as the lead guitarist whilst studying at Kingsley. Although the band never got any gigs, it was recognised as a band across the whole school.

Charlotte had other hobbies as well as Guitar whilst at Kingsley College, such as Badminton and competing in a school v. school Triathlon, but the most note-worthy hobby was her presence in the Alcester Platoon; Army Cadets. While with the Army Cadets, Charlotte participated in many ‘army-like’ exercises, such as ‘surviving a night in the wild’ on one of the few Army trips she went on, and Military Skills- meaning she would have completed the Cadets with a place within the Royal British Army. As this was not the route she wished to follow, soon after she left the Army Cadets, to continue her dreams of being a performer. Before she left the Cadets, however, she decided to walk 12 miles for Charity with the Cadets from across the whole of the county, for Help the Heroes. She raised just over £100 for the Charity herself, and completed the walk, in full gear, bag included, across Dudley in 5 hours.

During her last years at Kingsley, Charlotte was in two school shows: ‘Rock School’, where she was a band member (Charlotte’s band: ‘Beyond One’ was brought in to play) and was able to not only act, but play her Guitar within the show, and ‘Breathing Corpses’. Her passion for performing blossomed more and the opportunity to develop and broaden her horizons opened, when she got accepted onto a Performing Arts course, at North East Worcestershire (NEW) College, now known today as Heart of Worcestershire (HoW) College.

During the Summer of 2013, just before Charlotte’s 16th Birthday, Charlotte’s Mother split from Rob, her Step-Father. (The divorce was finalised on December 1st, 2015, whilst Charlotte was attending her first year at University.) Although the split left the Summer before her attendance at College on a low, that didn’t stop Charlotte from making the most of what she had, along with looking forward to her future.

College wasn’t the most positive experience for Charlotte. She struggled to make friends. On a positive note, while she was having troubles socially, her educational position was excelling quickly. She landed the lead in her Christmas Show: ‘The Nutcracker’s Christmas’ and then proceeded to land roles of valued performance within the next few shows she was involved in, for example: ‘Jack’s Mum’, ‘Albert Edwards II’ etc. Charlotte highlights that she only landed exceptional grades (D*DD Distinction* Distinction Distinction, equivalent to A*AA at A-Level) because she was able to do something that she loved, every single day, and that was Acting.

September 12th, 2015, a very important date for Charlotte. This was the day that she moved from home, to her new home in Falmouth, to attend Falmouth University on the BA(Hons) Acting course. To this day, Charlotte is still currently studying at Falmouth University, in her final year. She is hoping to finish University with a 2:1.

While at University, she has been involved in many projects ranging from film, to stage, to radio. She admits that University has not only challenged her abilities but unlocked another level of herself and her acting through their intensive training. She feels this has rooted her as an actor, aiding her to prepare for the industry she is about to step into.

In Charlotte’s spare time, aside from all her University work, she likes to hang out with her friends, cook, go to the gym, play video games, and look after her 5 pet mice. She also admits she has a precariously unhealthy collection of VW Campervan merchandise (her favourite car).
Her favourite thing to do in Falmouth during the warmer months is go Kayaking and swimming around Swanpool Beach and Gylly Beach with her friends.
Charlotte hopes to pass her driving test, Summer 2018, so she can road trip around the country.


  • Charlotte loves to ice-skate, she owns her own boots, and would go frequently if she had a rink local to her.
  • When she was 8 she went on a school trip to Malvern, where she partook in many outdoor activities. This was the first time she spent nearly a week away from her Mum all by herself.
  • At a young age, Charlotte was a very confident swimmer, earning 3rd place in a Swimming Competition.
  • In Middle School, Charlotte loved to run over long distances, so when she encountered ‘Cross Country’ she worked hard, managing to win 6th place in the District Cross-Country Race.
  • In the last year of Middle School, Charlotte went to Wales with the school, to a place called Llanrug. Here she had to participate in many outdoor activities, such as climbing to the top of Mt. Snowden, Gorge Scrambling to a waterfall, and abseiling down steep cliffsides. Charlottes loves to be outdoors and heeded to her own motivation to overcome what she had already achieved in her life so far.