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Charlotte Turner, young English Actress, due to appear in the upcoming stage production, Festen (adapted by David Eldridge), directed by Aiden Condron.
Charlotte is to appear as the patently renamed Lara (Lars) in April/May.
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A few words from Charlotte

“As a child, I lived within my own imaginary world. Improvising and creating scenes in my head and directing those around me to be involved in the shows I’d make for my family. I loved being anything I wanted to be. It was beguiling being able to play anyone and anything, and that fascination is what drove me to pursue this imaginary world within the reality of everyday. In my family, you’re usually either a Musician or a Solicitor; and I remember when I first told my parents I wanted to be an Actor. Their response: ‘Well we haven’t had one of those yet.’ And that was it. I wanted to be the first.

I landed myself a spot on the Falmouth University BA(Hons) Acting course and moved 300+ miles away, to Falmouth, to pursue my dream. After already being involved in many stage plays and a few filming projects, I was enthusiastic and curious as to what this course may bring.

The course, so far, has enabled me to discover new realms within the already creative world I had been working on over my lifetime. Within these new realms, I explored undiscovered power in actions and the importance of meaning in words. I was able to use this new discovery, on a broad scale of platforms: Stage, Screen and Radio. I have been involved in several projects across these platforms and hope to follow the same path throughout my career. Ultimately my end goal is to work predominantly on the Screen, but I’ll never turn down the Stage work. Which brings me to my new and upcoming project. A stage play; Festen, directed by Aiden Condron. I’ll be playing the patently renamed character of Lara (Lars) and I hope to use everything I have learnt over my studies, to create and perform the most dedicated and passionate performance I have ever produced!”

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